Billy Dib vs. Evgeny Gradovich Betting Odds

odds for billy dib vs evgeny gradovich espn

IBF champion Billy Dib will be defending his 126lbs title against Evgeny Gradovich March 1st on Friday Night Fights, which airs on ESPN2. The fight takes place at Foxwoods and the odds for Billy Dib are -275 with Evgeny Gradovich at +200.

Evgeny Gradovich, known as the "Mexican Russian", has gained popularity by appearing on the "Robert Garcia Reality Show". a popular youtube video series that goes behind the scenes at trainer Robert Garcia's boxing gym. Gradovich is known for being a volume puncher who is able to throw punches like a machine without tiring.

Billy Dib is from Australia and has tried to break into the US market before without success. This was mainly due to his style which featured a lot of running which did not impress the American boxing fans. Since the, he apparently has a new style after switching trainers and hooking up with 50 Cent's SMS promotions.

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