Rex Tso vs Ryuto Maekawa Betting Odds


The hugely popular Chinese boxer Rex Tso will be fighting Japan's Ryuto Maekawa this Saturday in Hong Kong. Rex Tso was opened as the large 20-to-1 favorite until betting money caused the odds to drastically shift. Find out more in out preview of Tso vs Maekawa here...

Bovada's boxing betting site has Rex Tso is currently the (-800) favorite while Ryuto Maekawa is the (+500) underdog.


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Rex Tso was opened as the (-2000) favorite and now betting money has caused the odds to drop drastically to (-800), which is surprising considering that Rex Tso is the proverbial "A-side" in this fight.

Ryuto Maekawa has had to come up the hard way in in boxing after relocating to Thailand so that he could turn pro at the age of 15. You have to take note of Maekawa's knockout power considering his last fight. Although, he has never been in a 10 round fight before and lacks the experience of Rex Tso. He will definitely have his back against the wall as he fights in Tso's backyard.

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