Daniel Geale Upset by Renold Quinlan in KO2


Renold Quinlan upset the betting odds by knocking Daniel Geale out in the second round. The loss came in what was supposed to be a comeback fight for Geale in his hometown.

Renold Quinlan was certainly not as experienced as Daniel Geale, nor did he possess the same amateur pedigree. But, he packed a wallop in his punch, and as a (+450) underdog he definitely spoiled the homecoming party for Geale.

There was talk about Geale's retirement even before this bout, though it seems that is the likely outcome now. After a respectable career it appears the damage he has incurred has finally caught up with him.

In three of his last four fights, Geale has suffered a bad knockout that came early in the contest. It all began with his decision to face hard-hitting Gennady Golovkin, who handed him his first career KO. The knockout he suffered at the hands of Miguel Cotto was even more telling and set off warning signs that his chin was gone.

As for Renold Quinlan, he has broken through in a major way and at 27 years old he now holds the IBO super-middleweight title after only 12 fights in his career.

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